Meet Mikaela Yllana, The Beautiful Daughter of ‘Eat Bulaga’ host Anjo Yllana

Did you know that ‘Eat Bulaga’ host Anjo Yllana has got more than his impressive career as an actor?

He was married to actress Jackie Manzano and they have four children: Mikaela, Andee, Jaime, and Nathan.

One of the new faces that caught the attention of the netizens right now is this beautiful lady with a gorgeous body and stunning face. She is none other than Mikaela Yllana, or Mika, the daughter of actor Anjo Yllana to wife Jackie Manzano.

Undeniably, the genes of good looks were definitely passed on to their daughter and she is now earning attention from the netizens.

Who would have thought that this gorgeous lady is just 18 years old? She celebrated her debut in the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan wearing a stunning off shoulder red gown, last December 23, 2016.

On her Instagram account, Mikaela can be seen often updating her followers about her life. As seen in her posts, this gorgeous woman is making her own name on Instagram because of her picturesque portraits, selfies, and travel photos.

She is happily celebrating the youthful years of her life, you will see how bold and confident this lady can be as seen on her post

Even if it’s a wacky photo or a serious one, or a posing to show her body on a lingerie or her outfit-of-the-day she clearly enjoys her youthful years and looking carefree and amazingly beautiful.

Now the question is, will she be interested to be part of the showbiz industry? Or be a model? For she will surely fit. Or would her dear dad allow her to be like them and enjoy the fame of being a star? Or would she focus on her studies first?

Well, only time can tell, but it is never too late to see a fresh face on TV. You may also check and follow her Instagram account on @mikaelayllana to see the stunning photos of this young lady.