Meet Donna Lazaro, The Mother of Iñigo Pascual and Ex-Girlfriend of Piolo Pascual

Who can resist with the smile of the one and only Papa P? He has been an ultimate heartthrob even on his age now.

After a long time of keeping his family private, he finally introduced his son Iñigo Dominic Lazaro Pascual or most known as Iñigo Pascual to the public.

Iñigo was born on September 14, 1997, and grew up in the United States. He’s a singer, actor, songwriter and he’s the voice behind the famous hit song, “Dahil Sa’yo”.

The song was his first hit which reached the top of Billboard-Philippines then stay at the list of -New Philippines Top songs.

Piolo and his son Iñigo has an ideal father and son bond as seen on television and in real life. Looking at them, they kind of looking more of brothers because of their closeness. The two stars are regularly seen performing a Sunday variety show on ABS-CBN, ASAP.

Getting deeper to Iñigo’s family, do you know who his mother is?

Behind Piolo and Iñigo, is another part of the family. Meet Donnabelle Lazaro, mother of Iñigo and Piolo’s ex-partner.

Ms. Donnabelle was Iñigo’s company while growing abroad. Donnabelle never makes herself open to the public. She was first interviewed on the national television with her son on the show “Magandang Buhay” and shared some stories of her and Iñigo living their private life in the US.

“Dito na talaga kaming dalawa. Kasi gusto niya rito,” Donnabelle. She also tell how Iñigo started to love music since he was still young saying:

” Noong bata pa, hindi talaga magaling pero mahilig kumanta. Sumali siya sa singing sa grade school, Tinawagan ako ng teacher niya na panoorin ko raw kasi sumali sa singing contest”

“Nagulat ako kasi hindi siya ganun kagaling kumanta pero very confident siyang sumali. So noong after ng contest na ‘yon, naawa ako sa kanya pero hindi ko ipinakita, kasi alam ko hindi siya magaling. So, pag-uwi namin noon ay in-enroll ko siya sa voice lessons.”

After feeling that Iñigo wants to be like his father, Donnabelle right away sent his son to a voice lesson class.

During their interview on Magandang Buhay, Iñigo and his mother reminisced his early days being on the showbiz life. Donnabelle confessed that for Piolo’s decision alone, he don’t want Iñigo to be in the crazy life of showbiz but after seeing their son’s passion for music, they just supported Iñigo on his chosen career.

“Kasi from the start, lahat nang ginagawa niya sinu-support ko, go ako. I’m here Iñigo para i-cheer ka. So, ganun pa rin alam mo na nandiyan pa rin lagi si mommy, kahit 21 ka na,”

At the end of the show, Iñigo thanked his parents for giving their all-out support for him. Piolo and Donnabelle have been very clever raising a child like Iñigo.