Meet Chavit Singson’s Super Rich and Lovely Daughter, Chelsey Singson

Just take a look at this lovely daughter of Chavit Singson named Chelsey Singson.

Former Ilocos Sur Governor and businessman Chavit Singson are known as one of the wealthiest men in the Philippines. Not only because he has luxurious things in his life, but he also has a lovely daughter named Chelsey Singson.

Photo credits: Chelsea Singson | IG

Based on Chelsey’s bio, she is the owner of GoSport Philippines, a member of Colourette Clique and an Ambassadress The Skin Bureau.

Photo credits: Chelsea Singson | IG

With over 34.1 thousands of followers who are currently subscribed to her on Instagram where she always captures the attention of her followers.

She seems to love traveling and spending time with her closest family and friends.

Photo credits: Chelsea Singson | IG

In her recent Instagram upload, she even posted a selfie with her father Chavit. She posted an adorable picture with him with a sweet caption that goes like this:

“Dad, you are a true star. Thank you for your unconditional love.”

There are only a few articles and information about Chelsey. But according to her social media accounts, she has a son named Mateo with a man named Rafael Sison.

Photo credits: Chelsea Singson | IG

She also seems to enjoy all the good things in life including traveling and all sorts of adventure that comes with it. She also brings out the quality of a person who loves to take care of herself, most especially in her skin.

In some of her post, you will see her working out in a place intended for performing boxing exercises.

Photo credits: Chelsea Singson | IG

On the other hand, you would see more photos of motorcycles rather than people in Rafael’s Instagram account. But to be fair, his account only has 62 photos posted. With that, we can tell that his passion in life is either motorcycles or his boy.

Chavit Singson was gossiped before for having multiple partners. One of them is his first wife, Evelyn whom he had seven children with her. But his most controversial relationship was with Rachel Tiongson, a former fashion model and they’ve been together for 17 years.

Photo credits: Chelsea Singson | IG

This was said to be the time when Chavit was charged with physical maltreatment after he saw his wife with another man back in the year 2009.