Meet The Gorgeous Daughter of Sunshine Cruz

From the never-aging beauty of Sunshine Cruz and still young-looking Ceasar Montana, comes Angelina Cruz to life.

Like her mother, Angelina has an angelic face that no one couldn’t adore for. Back in 2016, she became a center of talks online because of her mesmerizing beauty.

Angelina became the newest face of Careline Cosmetics. GMA network also interviewed Angelina because of the break she has. That time, Angelina was still in Grade nine who enjoys solving math problems and art subjects.

“I’m turning grade nine this coming school year [and] I actually have two favorite subjects [which are] math and art. Art because I love to draw and I could do that in art subjects and math because it’s challenging. I know that for others, it’s hard but then for me, it’s pretty challenging but then I get decent grades,” Angelina said.

“I like to sketch or draw. When I was two or three, my parents saw me draw a face even though I was really young so they encouraged me to draw more,” she added.

According to Angelina, she is still young and doesn’t yet have fix plans on the future, even what to take up in college.

“I haven’t thought of it yet ’cause I focus more on [the] now. I always pray that God will guide me through my decisions for the future.”

She was also asked to share her thoughts about her mom and Angelina with a calm bright face shared,

“She’s [Sunshine Cruz] really loving and very responsible. She cares for us and works really hard to provide for our needs. We get excited when we watch her shows and whenever we see her billboards, we take pictures and then send it to her [saying] ‘Oh, we see you on the streets!’ So we’re really proud of her.”

In 2017, Sunshine shared why her daughter Angelina isn’t using Montano as her surname,

“Kasi mag-uumpisa ang aking anak bilang singer, hindi naman po artista. And we all know even Donna is not a Cruz before. When she started she was a Yrastorza bilang a screen name. Even si Rayver and Rodjun, they are Ilustre, pero ginamit ang Cruz kasi nga –well, sabi nila ang mga Cruz ay known musicians. So I think it would be an advantage to use Cruz.”

Sunshine’s 15-year-old daughter now releases her first single the following month, singing a cover of ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’

A star from stars is born. What do you think about Angelina Cruz?