Meet 69 Years Old Grandma Who Proves to the World that Age is Just a Number

Maybe you have heard of some people say “Age is just a number”. This can be true to many situations, and another story of a 69-year-old woman has proven this.

Doña Geralda Barbosa, 69 years old had gone viral on the internet because of her videos showing she was exercising in the gym like she was at her 30’s. She was doing crouches and other gym activities. She gained a lot of followers in her social media accounts like Youtube and Instagram.

Some videos she had posted shows she is lifting gym equipment like it was just a light object. People who are inside the gym were so amazed by her actions, and they look up to her as their inspiration. She’s really a fitness junkie! She just proved that age is just a number and if you really want something in life, age is not a hindrance for you to achieve it.

According to her, she realized at the age of 63 that she doesn’t want to start aging; she wanted to live more and not be called just an old woman. This is the reason why started eating healthy again and now back on track to a healthy lifestyle which includes making her body strong and flexible that’s why she’s regularly going to the gym.

At the age of 69 people are looking up at her and has become their inspiration when it comes to fitness and living more in life. In her Instagram account, fitness instructor and junkies are commending her for her passion for living life to the fullest, and they too were inspired by this lady.

If you think that it is the only thing that Barbosa does, you are wrong because aside from going to the gym she’s also into rock climbing. Being an adrenaline junkie, she is performing this sport with enthusiasm and joy.

To all the people out there who are having a hard time in disciplining themselves to live a healthy lifestyle, Barbosa is a living inspiration you can look up to.