Man Woke Up from a Nap Only to Find his Mischievous Dog got a New Smile

Shih Tzus are known for being quiet, but playful companions who love to spend time curled up with their owners. But this one sweet little Shih Tzu mix named Maggie has a very big personality. Though she is not a particularly big dog, she makes a big impression on everyone she meets just about everywhere she goes. Whatever mood she’s in, she’s not shy to let it show.

Residing in Long Island, New York with her owners, Maggie’s sweet and mischievous personality was often documented by her mom Eunice on Twitter. Little did her human know, she would take that personality to an entirely new level.

A few months back, Eunice’s dad decided to take an afternoon nap. He wears dentures, but as they were bothering him that day, he took them out before dozing off. Oddly, when he woke up, later on, the false teeth were nowhere to be found.

He began searching the house for them, looking in the bathroom and bedroom before heading downstairs to continue his search. That’s when he saw Maggie hiding under the table with a mischievous grin across her face.

As it turned out, Maggie had the dentures in her mouth. It was quite the hilarious sight, and Eunice’s dad just had to share a photo of little Maggie and her “new” teeth.

“He sent me a picture and explained what had happened, and I was in literal tears,” Eunice said. Maggie looked to be quite pleased with herself. Thousands of netizens just can’t get enough of Maggie’s winning smile after going viral when Eunice posted them on Twitter. But – it’s certainly an unusual look for a pooch.

Adoring fans of the dog even asked for regular pictures of Maggie to know what she looks like when she’s not grinning like a maniac with a mouth full of human teeth.

It turns out, she’s just as cute! Fortunately, the hilarious photos will live on forever. On the other hand, grabbing a quick nap on the couch might never be the same.