Man Who Tried to Fix His Newly Bought Second Hand Car Surprisingly Found a Black Bag Loaded with Money

Some people choose to buy a second-hand car instead of a brand new because some can’t afford a new one. But it takes a lot of risks because you don’t have any idea what the car went through in the hands of the original owner.

But buying a second-hand car is easier to process unlike in the bank it takes a lot of document and proof that you can pay the monthly amortization of your desire car before they approved it.

A story of a man amazed a lot of netizens in social media. He shares his story about the second-hand car he purchased.

In his story, he stated that to get a great deal he went to a local police department and talk to the police officers in charge of the confiscated cars that have already disregard by the owners.

Then, when the officer in charge agrees to his offer, he chooses the car that needs some fixing and just to save money he repairs the car himself.

When he starts fixing the car, he first ripped the plastic on the inside door of the car at the driver seat side and then notice something inside.

He found a black bag hidden inside.

Inside the black bag was brick-like objects wrapped in tape.

When he unwrapped the object, he was shocked because inside the bag is a lot of money.

This man posted his discovery anonymously online but then deleted immediately because of the fear that the original owner would hunt the car and him to get back the money.

He has the right idea to hide his identity but not the smartest move to post online because it could be a threat to his life knowing that the person involves with the car has a not so good background.

If you were in his position what will you do? Will you turn this money to the authorities? or just shut your mouth and enjoy your lucky day?

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