Man Who Got Abandoned by his Parents Became a Street Kid – Now a Successful Scientist in the U.S because of his Determination and Handwork

American Based Fernando Kuehnel became famously known as his story has aired in the ABS-CBN News “Balitang America.” He became sensational because of his stardom from rags-to-riches which made him a fine inspirational model in hardships and patience.

His story was published on the YouTube channel “TFC Balitang America” in a video of his old photographs when he was just 6 years old. Fernando and his two siblings were left all by themselves by their parents to live in the slums.

Although they were brought to an orphanage to help them establish a better life, Fernando ran away from it at the age of 10. He was forced to push wooden carts to live on the streets and take away food from the trash.

But Fernando even had a more difficult life than his previous life. He turned his way and went back to the orphanage after hearing that his brothers were getting adopted and will be brought to America.

But things didn’t work out for Fernando’s brothers as they were returned by their second parents back to the orphanage.

Despite it all, they were still able to find a better home after getting adopted by the Kuehnel family. They also took them to the United States and treated them as one of their own family.

With the aid of the Kuehnels, Fernando was able to achieve a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a summa cum laude distinction in business administration. As of now, Fernando had become a very successful clinical scientist in a company called Novartis.

He could be seen owning multiple cars such as Porsche Carrera and Mercedes Benz in the posted video.

From his former life living in the slums, Fernando paved his way to riches. He is now living in Dania Beach, Florida as a clinical scientist and also a very happy father.

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