Man Was Surprised to Find Out that the Fish He Bought from the Market was Not an Ordinary One

While we are constantly learning about how our world works, we often run into naturally occurring mysteries that escape our ability to explain and force us into the realm of speculation. Some of these puzzlers include creatures from the animal kingdom.

These oddities may seem like urban legends, but they all actually happened and had real-life scientists scratching their heads.

Just recently, a guy shared one unsolved mystery in his social media account which instantly became a hot topic among netizens.

In order to prepare fish soup for their lunch, this guy went to the wet market with his mother to buy a fish. After spotting a ‘large’ fish in the market, the two agreed right there and then to buy it. The fish had a big tummy which they assumed had a lot of caviars or eggs inside. But boy, were they wrong!

Upon returning home, the man’s mom began preparing their dish and cleaning the fish up. While on the process, she noticed something bizarre inside it. Pulling its tail slowly, she found out that the fish had a much smaller fish inside its stomach. Much to their surprise, there were, not one or two, but small 30 fish in total!

It was so fascinating, odd, and a little bit terrifying all at the same time. How did all 30 small fish fit inside the fish’s body?

Shocked by the unexplainable incident, both the mother and son kept on thinking how it could happen to such fish when scientifically speaking, it could only lay eggs instead of giving birth.

The incident was then shared by the son on his social media account where it became a hit among thousands of netizens. Almost all of them gave their wild guesses and varying opinions with regard to the matter.

One commenter shared his experience when he himself found 48 small fish inside another fish’s body. He even posted a picture which served as a proof that what he was saying was true.

Up to this very day, the mystery behind the shocking incident has yet to be solved.