Man Wakes Up Inside an Underground Sewer After a Wild Night of Binge Drinking

Everybody had a little bit too much to drink at some point in their life – from uttering slurry laments to passing out at the toilet bowl. Though the worst that will happen to some will be a hangover, that isn’t always the case for other people as they wake up to find themselves doing some totally weird things the previous night while under the influence.

Naturally, things get out of control resulting to these funny events that are sure to be the topic of conversations for months, even years, just like this one man who got so drunk and ended up inside an underground sewer.

Jaseu Jafoo, who hails from the northern city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, might just have upstaged every single drunkard in the world. With absolutely no memories at all, he was shocked to discover that he was stuck inside a sewer two meters beneath a city street. He started to shout for help out of panic and confusion. Luckily, his calls were heeded.

Pedestrians who heard the noises coming from deep in the drain responded and called for the police. Local authorities were just as baffled as the hungover man was nowhere near an exit, which explained why he just couldn’t escape by himself.

The police directed him to a manhole roughly 10 meters away from where they safely pulled the man out. They were also kind enough to send the sewage-reeking Jaseu home for a shower and ask him to meet them afterward at the station to explain the events that happened.

Unfortunately, the 29-year-old man couldn’t remember a single thing including how he ended up inside the city drain. A hotel kitchen worker, however, told the cops that Jaseu had gone binge drinking with friends. As it turned out, he had also lost several items including his wallet, a luxurious gold necklace, and a collectible King Rama V Coin.

Police are unsure if he lost the items or passed out and was robbed. They were also confused by how he got into the drain given that there is no easy entry point into the sewer system. Their investigation is still ongoing.

With Jaseu’s funny but scary experience, we highly advise everyone to drink in moderation, otherwise, you might end up following his footsteps.

source: worldofbuzz