Man Take on a 30 Day One Gallon of Water Daily for an Entire Month Challenge and Shared the Good Effects to his Body on Social Media

Water is proven to account for about 60% of our body weight and performs crucial functions in the body such as aiding digestion and keeping joints lubricated. Hence, it’s essential to stay hydrated by replacing the body’s normal water losses.

Age-old stories have us believe that drinking a gallon of water a day will solve almost all the problems we have, from weight loss to anti-aging. Question is: is it just a myth?

Will Fulton, a writer for Thrillist, embarked on his 30-day journey of Water Gallon Challenge. Basically, it involves taking a gallon of water every day for a whole month. A gallon roughly equates to 3.7 liters or 16 glasses.

Will jotted down all the hurdles and significant changes he felt in his body while trying to accomplish the aforementioned challenge.

Day 1

He bought a 4-liter capacity bottle and carried it around literally everywhere as he figured it was easier to take it full gallon rather than dividing it by cups on a daily basis. Although he found the challenge harder than expected, he managed to reach his quota for the day.

Day 5

He was still trying to continuously drink even when he was not thirsty. He also needed to go to the bathroom at least once every 20 minutes.

Day 10

Some positives started coming along with his experiment: (1) he did not eat a lot anymore as he always felt full and; (3) his hair felt nice and silky smooth.

Day 15

His energy levels had significantly increased that he no longer needed the regular 2-3 cups of coffee every day to keep him going. He also slept better at night and found himself incredibly thirsty whenever he’s not drinking water. It seemed like his body had been accustomed to his new lifestyle.

Day 20

Compliments started coming in. His colleagues at work described him as being considerably less grumpy. Somehow, Will thought that the water had something to do with it. His girlfriend also asserted that his skin looked better. Finally, his pee became crystal clear.

Day 30

On the final day of his challenge, he noted that he still peed a lot and was thirsty all the time. Although, as a conclusion, he said consuming a gallon daily is too much for most people, he still advised everyone to drink more water as it will make one feel better. He said he would continue drinking the same amount.

Despite the myriad benefits, both visible and internal, that come about directly from increasing one’s daily water intake, it is always going to depend on individuality. See the different results here from women who took up themselves the same Water Gallon Challenge.

source: ofthebox