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Look: P’Nam of the Movie ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ Has Grown Up into a Stunning Beautiful Woman

Do you still remember the movie titled Crazy Little Thing Called Love?

This movie is a romantic comedy movie starring Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul filmed in 2010.

The story is about a female high school student named P’Nam (Pimchanok) who has a crush on a very handsome and famous student named P’Shone (Mario).

P’nam who once an ugly high school girl tried several things to change her physical appearance so that P’shone will notice her.

This movie has hit around Asia in 2011 and aired on different country across the world. The story of the movie inspired a lot of viewers especially teenagers who have felt a romantic excitement

about the chemistry of P’nam and P’shone.

After many years, we at pixelated planet learned about the big changes of Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul or popularly known by her stage name as Baifern.

image credit: instagram/baifernbah

Aside from being a popular Thai actress Baifern has a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Bangkok. Apart from her hit movie Little Thing Called Love, Beifern also seen in many Tv shows, Dramas, and Series, Music Videos.

image credit: instagram/baifernbah

She has also been nominated in many different categories and won many awards.

image credit: instagram/baifernbah


She is also an endorser of different brand and products such as clothing, Vehicle brand, and beauty products.

image credit: instagram/baifernbah

Now that she is grown up, she is a different woman and on a different level.


image credit: instagram/baifernbah

image credit: instagram/baifernbah

So what do you think about her? Isn’t she so beautiful? Share us your thoughts by leaving a comment.


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