Look: Patrick Garcia and Jennylyn Mercado’s Son Grown As a Very Handsome Boy and a Heartthrob in the Making

Alex Jazz Mercado is a real cutie that will captivate many peoples hearts. He is the son of the sexy icon and artist, Jennylyn Mercado, and the handsome actor, Patrick Garcia. Although the two of them didn’t work out well, they still have been blessed with an adorable child.

In his tender age, Alex Jazz proved that he could become just like Patrick Garcia who is a heartthrob back at his young age. Patrick Garcia has known for his charisma and appeal that can easily captivate the hearts of many people in his teen years as an actor.

Alex Jazz was born on August 16, 2008. Today, Alex is already ten years old, and he looks exactly like Patrick Garcia. He undoubtedly attained his good looks from his father with Jennelyn’s eyes. With his good looks, he will inevitably become a favorite star someday if he chose to walk the same path his parent did.

Photo credits: mercadojenny | Instagram

He oddly knows already how to pose for the camera at his very young age and knows how to angle himself directly into his photogenic features everytime the camera flashes.

It’s not that surprising at all to see the potential with Alex to be able to see him flourishing in the limelight of showbiz career.

Photo credits: mercadojenny | Instagram

Considering that Patrick and Jennylyn are both an excellent actor and actress, it just shows that the entertainment industry and modeling career indeed runs in their blood.

It’s no longer a surprise to see Alex Jazz’s good looks, considering his mother’s good looks and hotness, and his father’s heartthrob looks! It seems that heartthrob truly runs in their blood.

Photo credits: mercadojenny | Instagram

It seems that Alex Jazz’s cuteness and charm came none other than Jennylyn as seen in her personality and the photos that present them both. Jennylyn also keeps on matching her outfit and style with her son.

It is a heck of beautiful genes that came from both of these beautiful two specimens. It is such a shame that they both parted. But even though they are apart, we can’t deny the fact that the two of them truly love their son.

Photo credits: mercadojenny | Instagram

As it turns out, both of Patrick’s family with his current wife, Nikka, seems to be close and bonded with Jennylyn’s family as they were spotted together while hanging out.

Alex Jazz is indeed a charmer as a child star! What are your thoughts about these family? Share it with this article.