Look: Hello Kitty-Themed Jeepney Going Around Angeles, Pampanga is a Dream Ride to all Hello Kitty Fanatics

When you think about the color pink, you are probably imagining Barbie dolls or a Disney princess in a pretty gown, or anything associated with delicacy and femininity.

That, however, was not the case during many centuries back. In fact, pink was initially “considered slightly masculine as a diminutive of red,” which was thought to be a “warlike” color. In old catalogs and books, pink was the color for boys.

That was probably what the proud owner of the Hello Kitty themed jeepney believed when he decided to decorate every inch of his vehicle in the image of the famous cartoon character.

A certain Paul Sese posted about the Hello Kitty themed jeepney on his Facebook account, and according to him, the vehicle owner is downright straight and is only fond of adding Hello Kitty inspired items to his jeep.

The stuffed toys are all Hello Kitty, including the steering wheel. The seats are all covered with the character’s face and its trademark color. Even the curtains and trash bin also go with the theme. And unexpectedly, the roof itself is also filled with Hello Kitty illustrations!

From the flooring, seats, decorations to even curtains, the Hello Kitty jeepney is truly a game-changer among the waves of trendy themed anything. The adorable jeepney seemed to be dedicated for all the Hello Kitty fans, and undoubtedly, people are going crazy over its very creative look.

The netizens who have seen Sese’s post were definitely amazed by the overall decoration of the jeep. A netizen even posted a picture of her in the comment box riding the very same jeepney.

Dubbed by the netizens as the “cutest jeep ever,” the Hello Kitty themed vehicle can be found in Angeles, Pampanga.

With jam-packed traffic and occasional chaos on the road, passengers of the said jeepney will hardly be stressed out, thanks to the adorable ambiance of the cutesy vehicle.

source: wheninmanila