Look: Vice Ganda Luxurious Customized Van That Looks Like A Hotel Inside

Celebrities’ best asset is their talent. But they also invest in their looks and wardrobe to maintain their fame and be able to grab good roles.

They take good care of their reputations, and their beautiful homes cover the latest trends in interior design. But would you believe it if I tell you that they spend a lot, customizing the interiors of their car?

You might be thinking, why would they customize their cars when fans or paparazzi can’t even see it? Celebrities spend most of their time in their cars or van. When they need to tape movies on a certain location, their travel hours eat up their time, and most of them sleep in their cars so that they have the energy to act when they arrive on site.

Their schedules are most likely squeezed to fit the day, and it would be time-consuming to travel back home to change clothes or rest. “It’s Showtime” host, Vice Ganda, recently posted photos of the interiors of his Toyota LXV.

It gained positive reactions from netizens in social media. It featured the beautiful modern interiors of his van. The comfy looking cushioned seats were aligned in front of a tv, a vanity mirror was placed behind it, and a built-in sofa was at the back which probably serves as his sleeping area as well.

The company who styled the space was no other than the country’s premier vehicle interior designer, Atoy Customs.

Their other clients were Manny Pacquiao, Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu, Coco Martin and other big organizations like Wyeth, Sun Cellular, Tanduay, PLDT, and Smart.

One of their celebrity clients was the young actress, Kathryn Bernardo who requested that her van is designed in yellow hues because it was her favorite shade.

Another client of theirs was Liza Soberano, which also features the luxurious interiors of her Starex and Queen of all Media, Kris Aquino which has her minibus styled to fit for a Queen that has a bathroom, entertainment room, and a kitchen!

Their world is truly different from a normal citizen and but might be as stressful as ours. Maybe a day will come that we can meet our favorite star and spend the day with them in their fancy vans. So keep your fingers crossed!