Look: Braved Dog Saves Owner’s Life from a Venomous Snake

A dog is every owner’s best friend. Some of the greatest testaments to this fact are the numerous incredible stories of dogs saving human lives. Their love is unconditional, and they know when their owner is in danger.

Aside from human heroes who bravely save lives, there are also heroes in the form of dogs who deserve recognition like this pooch from a story which has gone viral online.

While taking a rest at his backyard, an Australian man did not notice a deadly brown snake slithering at an alarming speed towards his direction. Apparently, the man was preoccupied with his phone that he did not feel the presence of the deadly creature until it was right under his chair. The poisonous snake got so close to the man it’s a miracle that he wasn’t even bitten.

While the man had no clue at all, his dog noticed the snake, following its every move. Once the snake got under his owner’s chair, the pooch quickly went by the man’s side which instantly alerted him, jumping as fast as he could away from the snake. After pushing his chair off, he immediately went inside the house along with his loyal dog.

The snake may look small and harmless, but it is actually considered the second most venomous snake in the world. Identified as the Eastern Brown snake, its habitat includes some of the most populated parts of Australia which puts them in contact with humans more often.

In comparison to some other snake species such as cobras and vipers, the Eastern Brown has very short fangs. They bite several times if provoked and inject only a very small amount of venom, about 4 mg, but it is more than enough to kill a human.

Once bitten, the symptoms include convulsions, diarrhea, dizziness, renal failure, paralysis, and cardiac arrest, and without proper medical treatment, bites can prove fatal. For this reason, Easter brown is responsible for most deaths caused by snake bites in Australia.

It’s terrifying to think of the possible occurrence if the dog failed to notice the deadly creature. Thanks to its amazing senses, it has shown yet again another act of canine bravery.

source: goodtimes