Let’s Take a Look at the Two-Storey Modern Home Of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres

In 2003, celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez were hoping to invest a condo unit in Makati.

Their plans didn’t go that well as they had thought, so they just bought a very beautiful mansion in a popular village instead. Although it was a great place, the property was a bit of expensive that’s why Richard felt a bit of hesitation before closing the deal.

Richard and Lucy were able to purchase the property and planned it out accordingly. It was a wise decision indeed as they had improved and invested the two-story house. They had utilized the property to become more accommodating and appealing house. Its worth also rose up higher than what they initially paid.

The house was renovated for almost a year to make it more consistently sound as the owners have thought about. Architect Jay de Ramos and contractor Anolito Guina aided their expertise in renovating the house. They made sure that every detail of the house entrails a story and memory that were pieced together by Richard, Lucy, and their daughter Juliana.


The exterior of the house was mainly colored white but casts a streak of black outlines that makes it elegantly ravishing. It also features a green scenery which gives it a more soothing vibe of out-of-the-city feel.


Their main door was pieced together from their previous house in Greenhills. It also features a Norma Belleza painting above it and a large wooden ornate mirror which is bought from Sumac, a furniture store in Cebu.

Living Area

It features a very spacious area that is defined by the high-ceilings of their house. It highlights a natural lighting in the area giving it a comfy vibe and delightful feeling that warms the place.

The room also showcases a beautiful art painting of orchids which is made by Isabel Diaz that creates a perfect balance with the customized wooden table below it which was bought by Lucy herself. Another floral painting of Isabel Diaz also makes a highlight inside the living area near the sliding doors behind it. Most of the materials and furniture in their house have a story behind it according to Lucy. She said that: “I like that we’re surrounded by things that mean something to us.”

Resting Area

Their resting area also gives a calm and serene ambiance as its coziness could easily take your stress away. It features homey-feel couches from Dimensione and a glass-topped reception table. It was filled with captivating artworks in the wall and are arranged with Chiquita stools by Chiquita stools by Kenneth Cobonpue. They also had a brass sculpture which is made by Michael Cacnio.

Dining Area

Their dining area could accommodate a large family which is perfect if they are tending guests inside their house. The dining table could provide seats for 10 persons with its long table from Dimensione. It also features a painting of Hernando R. Ocampo, National Artists for Visual Arts-Painting, that is titled Green Revolution steals the attraction of the room.

They also have a small dining area with a round dining table that shows the lovely scene outside the house which allures the sunshine rays through their glass windows.

Comfort Room

At the far end of the dining area comes a small comfort room which is essential for sanitation purposes. It is filled with different types of toiletries and aesthetic services.


Showing off Richard’s skills in cooking, he lavishly expends a good fortune on the materials and cooking equipment inside their kitchen room. It is more spacious than the other typical kitchen area which gives space to a more comfortable cooking workplace.

According to the previous owners of the house, the area of the kitchen was just half of the newly renovated room. They also made it an all-white themed kitchen to make it easier to spot a flaw if it gets dirty after using it.

The drawers and appliances are properly organized to make it more convenient and easier to use. They even made it more conventional by allotting a specific spot for the small appliances, cookbooks, and some dinnerware.

The wooden chairs also give balance to the area even though they are much more of old-looking materials despite the modern style of the kitchen room.

Master’s Bedroom

The master’s bedroom also features dominant white colors that gives a much more space in the area. It is also filled with carpets that provide much volume to the area, and that also creates an upheaving feel with the painting of Geraldine Javier that compliments the relaxing feeling of the room.

Masters Bathroom

One can’t surely miss the amount of space given in this bathroom as the toilet and shower area are separated from each other. It is intricately unique as the room also has concealed closets which makes it more neatly organized compared to other bathrooms.


The hallway that leads to Juliana’s bedroom is enamored with shelves filled with small pieces of artwork, books, and also both of the parent’s lifetime achievements and awards. On the opposite side of the wall features artworks that were made by Kiko Escora, Clairelynn Uy, and Ronald Caringal that captivates any guests that goes to the upper areas of the house.

Juliana’s Bedroom

Juliana’s personal area provides a very simple outlook which is quite different from the outside area. It has a study area complete with wall-mounted shelves for her utilities. The opposite side of the bed also features a shelf filled with numerous sports awards and book collection.


The outdoor porch provides invigorating ambiance which is complemented by the wooden table and green plants that creates a tropical vibe. Beside the porch is a china cabinet which holds a collection of Lucy’s teacup. It also features artwork by Davide Medalla above the cabinet.

The pool area was originally smaller compared to the newly renovated one. It was extended by the contractor, Anolito Guina, which were requested by Lucy and Richard. This area is indeed a fine place to gather and enjoy a peaceful scenery.

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