Kind-Hearted Policeman Goes Out of His Way Just to Help Woman and Her Sick Child

It is a known fact that nowadays, people are becoming more and more afraid of the police rather than being trustful of them. They’ve been afraid due to witnessing police brútality and overwhelming abúse of power.

Despite these unfortunate events, it is wrong to generalize cops as brutal or córrupt. Of course, there are still both men and women from the law enforcement who go out of their way to show kindness to others even though oftentimes, they don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Take PO2 Ryan Ocampo of Arayat MPS Pampanga PPO, for example, whose small act of kindness is currently echoing around social media.

Posted on the Facebook page Absolute Trends and News, a 27-year-old rice cake seller who goes by the name of Daisy Guerrero went to the police station to ask for assistance, while carrying his sick son Stephen Lloyd.

Apparently, the mother and son just came from the hospital but couldn't buy the prescribed medicines by the doctor due to lack of money. After learning about this, PO2 Ocampo didn't think twice about helping the two. He brought them to the nearest drugstore and purchased the needed medicines from his very own pocket.

No, the story did not just end there. The police officer even fetched Daisy and her son home where he left them with additional amount of money to help them with their current situation and so the mom could buy milk for his sick boy.

This simple act of kindness touched the hearts of thousands of netizens who expressed their gratitude to the kind cop. Furthermore, they said they are praying for more policemen to follow PO2 Ocampo's footsteps and do good in general.

Kudos to the big-hearted policeman for going out of his way to help the needy! May he be an example to many.

Source: Absolute Trends and News