Iñigo Pascual Emotional Encounter at the Hospital to His Avid Fan with a Serious Illness

Meet Iñigo Pascual, the son of the veteran actor Piolo Pascual. After the long wait, Piolo introduced his son Iñigo to the public and Iñigo starts to make his own name in the showbiz industry.

Iñigo is a great performer on stage that’s why a wide range of supporters loves him. Not just that, Iñigo always gives back the love his fans show him by his own special ways.

Recently, Iñigo visits an avid fan that is confined for a long time because of having a serious illness.

Arnie Espina, an Iñigo Pascual’s fan, has been hospitalized since February 2018. Iñigo decided to give him a surprise visit to personally thank her for her support to Iñigo.

On the day of the surprise visit, Iñigo is with One Music’s Wander Jam, Migz Haleco. At the time they arrived at the hospital where Arnie is, they go straight to her room.

Arnie was so surprised and the girl can’t help but smile. She started to be emotional upon seeing his favorite actor. The “ASAP” star gave her a tight hug that draws a big smile to her face.

The girl on the background was Arnie’s mother. She decided to document this very special moment for her daughter with her phone.

Iñigo and Migz decided to serenade Arnie with the singer’s hit single, “Dahil Sayo.” Everyone, including all the other patients who are in the room, was moved and amazed by the two stars singing and right after it, ask for a “selfie” with them.

Iñigo gave Arnie a hat and a jacket as a simple souvenir and thanked Arnie for inspiring her to be stronger in life. Arnie was still shocked by Iñigo’s visit. She is thankful for young actor’s effort of thoughtfulness.

During his interview, Iñigo was moved with Arnie’s courage. He said that he couldn’t imagine how hard it was for the young girl to live a life like that.

It is not just Iñigo’s talents that make him beloved by many but also because of his generosity and humbleness despite the fame he has right now.

He is also known for being close to children. According to him, parents shouldn’t have a child if they are incapable of raising them. He said that children shouldn’t suffer by working on their own.

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