How Often Should a Couple Make Love According to their Age?

People who are open-minded knows the fact that making love with your partner doesn’t only satisfy, please or give a relaxing effect to your body’s call of nature but It also helps you connect with your partners and at the same time provides you with a lot of health benefits.

A benefit of regular lovemaking are having a good sleep, relieves stress and anxiety and help us lower our blood pressure. However, a study shows that making love more frequently should depend on one’s age.

Below are the right age and the idea of how often they should have make love with your partner.

Age 18-29 years for both men and women.

People who belong to this age group should have made love more often, meaning they should perform more often with their partner for 112 times a year or twice a week.

Age 30-39 years for both men and women.

Some belief says that when a person reaches the age of 30, they experienced or take a life U-turn in their chosen career, family, and marriage. That’s why, people who belong to this age group, should maintain a healthy and active sëx life with their partner for 86 times a year or 7 times a month.

Age 40-49 years for both men and women.

The people who belong to this group believes in the common phrase “Life begins at 40”. But making love is still in their vocabulary as they still indulge in it 69 times a year or almost five times a month.

Age 50 years for both men and women.

Usually, people think that when a person reaches this age group, they forget about making love already, however, according to studies they are so wrong. Since a people, ages 50 and above are most likely to have the best sëx in their life, as per blog entitled “ Best of Everything after 50 “. People who belong to this group mostly became more sëxually active compared to during their 40’s.

Upon reading the list of age bracket and you feel that a number of your sexual intercourse with your partner does not fall on this ratio, please be reminded that these are the only survey that was gathered on a minimum number of people.

Whether your 20 or 44, it is still advisable to make love with your partner often, as one study shows that a couple who make love 2-3 times a week are the happiest than those who have lower count.

Always remember that lovemaking is not only to satisfy one another right away, but you also have to indulge in kissing, caressing and cuddling to have a healthy relationship and life.