Hilarious Moment Dog Steals Owners Go Pro and Joyfully Run Around their House

Dogs have fascinated humans in so many ways that made them to be recognized as “The Man’s Best Friend” for decades until now. They have this charm that even though you don’t like dogs, you will laugh at their quirky actions.

Another dog has become an internet sensation recently because of its hilarious video being captured by a GoPro. She is Bonnie, a rescue pit bull dog from Fort-Smith, Arkansas. This event happened one day when her owner was using his GoPro and attached it to the ping pong paddle. Bonnie was playing with the other dogs in the backyard where her owner is present.

Bonnie being so playful had decided to grab the ping pong paddle from the hand of its owner and joyfully run around the house. She wants to play with her owner that is why she does that. Because the GoPro is attached to the ping-pong paddle, the escape of Bonnie was clearly documented as it is being captured in a video.

The owner had posted this hilarious video on his Instagram account with a caption, “This is Bonnie our almost annoying perfectly little pity dog.”

As told by the owner, they rescue, and foster dogs and one of the dogs they found is Bonnie whom they found in the street starving and being abandoned. They added a caption on the post saying, “She has come a long way and never looked back. We love our little BonBon.”

The positioning of the camera in the ping pong paddle is so perfect that it was able to capture the whole face of Bonnie and her owner trying to chase her together with her fellow pooches. But unfortunately, the owner was not able to catch Bonnie because she runs so fast and they believed that she is still running to this day.

We are hoping that BonBon is safe and would go back to its owner.