Heroic Rabbit Dug Up a Hole to Free His Cat Friend

There are many pros to having two or more pets. Without a smooth introduction, things can get a little rowdy. But there have been reported interspecies friendships proving that anybody can get along if they put their hearts and minds to it.

Take this one adorable moment for instance when a rabbit dug a hole to help its trapped feline Friend in Spain.

Chasky, the rabbit, was initially playing around its owner’s yard when it discovered that its friend was stuck behind a corrugated wall.

Luckily, the furry pet came up with a genius solution to free the cat.

The determined little bunny who grew very concerned about Pelu the cat frantically dug at the dirt around the patio area and pushed it back so that its Friend could exit with ease.

According to their owner, she was bewildered at-the beginning as to why the rabbit started digging the particular spot until she saw the cat’s paw sticking out. Apparently, Pelu had gotten trapped when she covered up the hole.

“The place where there was kitten was a hole that the rabbit always made, which I have to cover everyday because they got into the hole. That day I saw the hole, and as all the day I covered it, without noticing that the cat is inside. When I saw that Chasky began to dig, I fished out my cell to show my husband that the rabbit was making the hole.

At that time I saw one of the cat’s legs. I was surprised that the rabbit was not digging a hole for pleasure, he was just doing it to rescue his friend.”

When Chasky was done digging, it hopped away and took a well-deserved rest after the rescue effort.

A few moments later of sniffing, Pelu the cat poked its head through the tiny hole and squeezed its body out to freedom.

The footage then Showed the cat greeted its furry Friend outside of the Shed, probably as a way of thanking it, before wandering away.

All hail Chasky, the rabbit!

source: dailymail