Have a Glimpse Inside Mega Star ‘Sharon Cuneta’ Elegant Home

Everyone is dreaming of having a luxury home, but aside from that we also want to consider our safety and comfort in building our own place.

The Megastar’s family home in Mandaluyong will let you see how she value life and far from the spotlight of being one of the brightest stars in showbiz.

“The Fortress” as her friends call her, Sharon makes sure that the property is enclosed with elegant interiors perfect for relaxations during weekends and days free from work.

The house is gigantic with a two-storey guesthouse, two spacious living rooms for entertainment, an air-conditioned kennel for her pets, and the whole house in general.

The Megastar is a certified homebody. Sharon revealed that she can stay for a long inside her house and doesn’t find the need to go out as long as she has her DVDs, books, and her kids with her.

Front Door

Instead of using thing long curtain for her windows beside her main door, Sharon chooses to use bamboo curtains. These give the homey feels at the entrance of the house. Both sides of the front door’s corners are tables and seating pieces.


Upon entering the house, the ornate sunburst-and-cherub sculpture will welcome you. She bought the piece in Paris. On the side of a console, cabinet and chair are with the same theme.

Grand Staircase

The staircase separates the family’s private and public area of the house. It is made up of marble steps and wrought-iron railing which add to the classical feels of the house. A table is found near the stairs and a few steps from there is an elevator.

Art Collection

On the walls are framed music sheets and a mother-and-child painting by Fr. Armand Tangi (a priest and painter). Take a look of the precious work of art set by Juan Luna, El Dios Pan (The God Pan—god of music in Greek mythology).

The piece of painting and the mount was given to Sharon by her friend Claude Tayag in Madrid. In this corner is a painting of horse carriages by Antonio Leano.

Every masterpiece and art was personally chosen by Sharon. The music and arts give more meaning in the corner of the house.

First Living Room

This room is for welcoming their guest. Senator Kiko also uses this spot for his guests. The room warm tone seating pieces and lamps that give a subtle vibe of the room.

There are doors near the tv to the foyer, and the sliding doors under the AC units conceal additional storage for snacks. This set up makes the visitors feel like home.

Second Living Room

The second living room and formal dining room is far from the first living room but partition walls are still present in the area to make sure that no disturbing noises will be heard on each side of the rooms.

This area has a popping red color accent, from the furniture to the decorations. The white walls in the room serve as perfect background not just for the colorful decors but also for the framed photos, artworks and Sharon’s souvenir collection throughout the years.

Décor Detail

An antique console table with rose craved detailed is flown to the Philippines from Paris. On top of it are more paintings by Anita Magsaysay-Ho, H. Stone, and Malang.

The lamps and chair give a captivating vibe in the room. There are also paintings done by Filipino painted Mauro “Malang” Santos.

Dining table

At the center of the Dining area is a table made up of an old wood with fleur-de-lis carvings on each corner. It can accommodate 12 persons and also bought from Paris. It adds coziness to the room.

Lovely Murano chandeliers give lights at the dining table.
The room has its own powder room. It uses light-colored marbles and glass partition. Toiletries and towels are well organized on the top corner.


Sharon’s happy place. The kitchen has the top-rated machines for cooking. The kitchen cabinets are loaded with supplies. And the dumbwaiter makes the kitchen cooler. A dumbwaiter is a small elevator that’s used in many homes to deliver food and other things in between floors.

Outdoor lounge area

At the ground floor of the guesthouse, is a lounge area near the pool. It is the perfect spot for relaxation or just reading books. The lounge has seating chairs and table to accommodate friends and visitors.

Outdoor pathway

It has lined up bamboo trees that connect the two living room and back garden. Near is the air-conditioned kennel.

Swimming pool

To complete the Megastar house is her swimming pool. It is perfect to wake up every morning before doing the daily routine. It gives calmness and good vibes.