Hardworking Man Unveils the Lamborghini Countach Built by His Own Hands After 17 Years

After 17 unimaginable years, Ken Imhoff from Wisconsin gained a lot of attention when he smashed a hole in his house to reveal a replica of the Lamborghini Countach in his basement and it’s about as real as a Lamborghini that’s built by hand can get.

Ken is just like any man out there – he loves his cars and holds a great deal of passion towards one brand in particular. Over the years, relatives wondered why the Imhoff patriarch was always missing from the dinner table. Apparently, he was in the basement building the 1980s Italian sports car from scratch.

It all stared when Imhoff picked up a copy of the madcap cross-country comedy The Cannonball Run at a video store and was struck dumb by a car in the movie’s opening sequence – a Lamborghini Countach. He decided then and there that he had to have one.

However, working in a factory outside Milwaukee that processed coiled steel isn’t exactly a career choice that puts one on the path toward the purchase of such frivolous, exotic niceties.

Despite not having the financial capabilities, Imhoff was undaunted. He figured if he couldn’t buy one, he might as well build one.

Given the harsh Wisconsin winters and Imhoff’s limited budget, heating the detached garage wasn’t an option.

However, his basement was heated and offered plenty of space. From there, Imhoff used a good old-fashioned American know-how to build his own Lamborghini supercar, utilizing sheets of aluminum and steel tubes.

After working on the project for close to 17 years in his basement, Ken would finally be able to put his Countach out on the road.

There was just one lingering question: how would he get it out? Digging a ramp and destroying one of his basement walls – he was finally able to stretch his masterpiece’s legs.

Although some may not agree that all the expense, time, and effort was worth, it’s a great story to anyone who aspires for the impossible. True enough, when you set your mind on something and work your tail off to accomplish it, you’ll get the results you’ve always wanted in the end.