Meet Yam Conception Hot and Handsome Boyfriend

Nowadays, one of the biggest obstacles people in a relationship or even married couples face is being in long distance relationships.

Like any relationships, Long-distance relationships take hard work. But what’s more important is you know that you’re putting in hard work for a reason.

In a long-distance relationship, it is possible to maintain a strong relationship if you are willing to work it out and work together with your partner.

There maybe times that being away from your partner is inevitable. Some need to travel to far places because they need to sustain and support their own families. In some cases, being in a long distance relationship does not end very well.

On the lighter side, some people still believe that love knows no distance. There are still many relationships and even marriages that still bloom and stayed strong even being in a long distance relationship.

Yam Concepcion and her non-celebrity boyfriend Miguel is a good example. The actress has been with her non-showbiz boyfriend, based in San Francisco, for almost 4 years now. According to her, it’s not that easy and she was also surprised that they have stayed together this long.

“Hindi siya madali pero I’m surprised kung bakit sa aming dalawa, it works out,” she shared on late night tv show “Tonight With Boy Abunda”.

Right now, Yam Concepcion is one of the major cast of ABS-CBN’s new tv series “Halik”, together with Jericho Rosales and Sam Milby and Yen Santos which features plenty of kissing scenes.

Knowing the nature her work, Yam confessed that her boyfriend does feel jealous and protective sometimes but it’s manageable. “Siyempre nagseselos din siya pero hindi ‘yung borderline na selos na nakakainis na,” she stated in “Tonight with Boy Abunda”. Yam also revealed that the key to make long distance relationships work is constant communication.

She was even asked in one of her guesting in ABS-CBN’s “Magandang Buhay”, if her role in the tv series “Halik” is the same with her real identity.

She answered: “Malayong malayo. I’m very loyal, of course, with my boyfriend. Yung moral compass ko maayos, and I’d rather pick the right choices in life.”

She also added that her boyfriend stays in San Francisco because of his career and her boyfriend’s family is here in the Philippines. Yam also stated that every Christmas and sometimes when given an opportunity her boyfriend goes back in the Philippines.