Meet Yaya Moi Bien , The Personal Assistant of Piolo Pascual

Yaya Moi Bien Marcampo, the personal assistant of our Mr. Dreamboy, Piolo Pascual seems to be living the luxurious lifestyle.

Piolo Pascual is a Filipino film and television actor, singer, model, and producer. He is also considered to be one of the top leading men in the country.

The 41-year-old actor already made a lot of movies and television series that showed how versatile and professional he is.

Behind the fame of Piolo Pascual or also known as Papa P, is his ever-loyal personal assistant Moi Marcampo or commonly known as Moi Bien.

She has been with the actor when he was still starting from showbiz. A lot of fans of the said actor are getting envious of her for having the chance to spend more time with Papa P himself.

Aside from being with him for almost 24/7, she also enjoys a lot of perks and opportunities that not everyone can have from their bosses, like attending various posh events, scoring supporting roles in movies and primetime series, and finishing a culinary course.

She’s been there for Piolo since day one of his showbiz career. Being with the actor for almost two decades. Moi Bien is not just treated as an assistant.

Papa P treats her as part of his family knowing that she is also close to Piolo’s son Iñigo Pascual. On her Instagram account, you will see that Moi Bien has been uploading a lot of pictures of her with Papa P.

Starting from his daily meals to setting some of his appointments, she got it covered for Piolo. She is very loyal, loving, and a complete joy to be with.

No wonder why the “Since I Found You” star has been so comfortable working with his assistant.

There are lots of videos and clips that show how close and comfy they are with each other. But of course, We can’t help but talk about the most recent video uploaded on Instagram.

Piolo together with his son, Iñigo Pascual, tickling the helpless Moi who’s loosely pinned on the couch. After watching it, one thing’s for sure – many girls are envious of Moi Bien.

Surely, a lot of supporters of Papa P will envy her again. Moi Bien is so lucky to have such a kind and loving boss like Piolo Pascual. But on the other hand, Papa P is also lucky for having a very caring and supportive assistant like her

Moi Bien is now starting to make a name for herself. She’s been part of the cast of the film “Kimmy Dora trilogy” and the “The Mommy Returns” in 2012. Although she’s now put to fame with the help and all-out support of her Papa P, she still remains as his trustworthy assistant and still does household duties.