Gas Station Worker Sprayed Fire Extinguishes to a Man Who Refuses To Put Out his Cigarette

It’s not a mystery that smoking has all sorts of negative impacts on one’s health. We also know that fuel and fire is not a good mixture, which is why striking up a cigarette is prohibited at gas stations.

However, a man in Sofia, Bulgaria tried to have a cigarette while filling up his car at a gas station despite the fact that it’s against the station’s regulations. After unsuccessfully stopping the man, an employee was forced to extinguish his nicotine fix.

In the footage, the man is shown arguing with someone off camera near his car as he smokes. Another man looks on, unsure of what is happening. The gas station attendant is then shown walking over to the pump, grabs a fire extinguisher, and storms back to the man.

The attendant then covers the man and his car with foam after refusing to put the cigarette out.

The car door happened to be open at the time of the blast and passengers were shown jumping out of the car after the foam had made its way in.

The two kept arguing but settled down in peace in the end.

Most of the netizens commended the attendant’s action saying:

“Station attendant’s response is perfect. There should be an automatic extinguisher and police should be alerted whenever there is a smoker at the pump. It should carry a decent sentence.”

However, one user stated:

“That was rude. I know it is a bad habit and he is trying to prevent a fire. Still, his action is considered assaulting others. He should be sued.”

Gasoline vapors will ignite at concentrations between 1.4 and 7.6% in the air. This concentration is guaranteed to exist somewhere near fueling operations. If you light a cigarette in the same location, you are going to have a very bad day. Although the odds are very slim, you’ll probably burn to death if you’re unlucky.