Farmer Discovered a Container Full of Money While Digging an Irrigation Trench for his Crops

Jose Mariena Cartolos, a 65-year-old farmer, was given by the government of Colombia the assistance to start his plantation of palm oil. Not on his knowledge that there is a hidden wealth located below the soil he digging.

As he begins to dig out the irrigation channel for the crop farm, he found blue containers full of money inside. It was said that the containers are owned by the infamous “King of Cocöine” Pablo Escobar.

The famous Pablo Escobar has been titled one of the wealthiest lawbreakers in time with a whopping $30 billion net worth in year early 1990’s.

Being a wealthy man, Pablo Escobar made around 100 containers full of cash hidden beneath the ground.

Cartolos discovered not thousands of dollars nor hundreds of thousands of dollars nor millions but an incredible $600,000,000 million. Whoever be in this situation will feel the unusual excitement.

In spite of the cash discovery of Jose Mariena Cartolos, a lot of people theorizes that he is not authorized to own the money and most probably will go to the Colombian government which can be utilized for supplying communal and economic agendas greatly help poor citizens.

Revealing a secret fortune while cultivating your plantation farm will surprisingly amaze you or even makes you stumble with gladness particularly if it belongs to a well-known “King of Cocaine” Pablo Escobar.

Let me ask you a question, what will happen to you if you happen to have these lots of cash and know that a well-known villain owns it?