Eye-Catching Luxurious Walk-in Closet of Jinkee Pacquiao

We can see the soul through the eyes but why not sometimes invade friends’ houses. Let’s enter Jinkee Pacquiao’s soul through her mall-like closet.

The boxing champ’s wife has a gigantic walk-in closet what even looks like a luxury shop. When you enter the closet, it is probably bigger than a normal bedroom that you can even have some coffee with friends or just stay there and have some sweet sleep.

Inside of it, there are a lot of bags, shoes, clothes, jewelry, collectibles, and anything that girls could dream of, she has everything in it. Can you guess how much the close alone cost?

According to Real Living, it cost PHP 338 million to construct. It has built-in cabinets to secure everything inside that are all designer goods. On the center spot of the closet, jewelry and other expensive gadgets for easier access.

Of course, there is also a vanity corner in the room where she spends her time glamming up with the best products available in the market. Apart from that, there is also a sitting area inside the closet.

It has her own couch and Hermes pillows and a snack bar for foods and drinks for her visitors to enjoy while catching up. Not yet amazed by what you have read?

There is a giant television that lies within the closet’s sitting area where she spends her time watching movies and/or watching her husband’s public appearance. Everyone who will be lucky enough to visit her closet will surely enjoy everything inside her closet.

Can you imagine how amazing her walk-in is? For girls who love fashion, you would surely have fun when you’re able to have a tour of her closet. Jinkee’s closet is a piece of a dream in reality.