Don’t Have a Car to Drive-thru in Jollibee? Why Not use a Carabao, This man Goes Viral After Doing this

Can you buy something at the ‘drive-thru’ with a car with you? Who says no? Watch this video and change your drive-thru experience.

In the Philippines, when we say “langhap sarap” everyone will be craving for Jollibee. Jollibee is a fast food store originally from the Philippines, and it offers a lot of snacks and meals and of course the famous “Chicken Joy.”

Who can resist the taste of that heaven in a fried chicken? In Jollibee, “Bee-da ang saya!” and all Filipino kids find happiness whenever they dine at the store or just by seeing Jollibee. Jollibee makes us “love Sabado” and a place to share great moments with family. It’s not just the small kids who have smiles when being a Jollibee store, but also the older ones.

When you grow in the Philippines, Jollibee is the happiest place you’ll dream of and will always be a part of your childhood.

In a newly opened branch of Jollibee in Tereza, Rizal, the staffs where amazed by a drive-thru customer. How can this scene become intriguing? It is because of an old man riding his carabao pulling a sleigh-like piece of wood with a lot of kids in it. Amazing!

Riding the carabao, the old man and all the kids went to the Jollibee store and looked so happy. The video became viral online and the viewers sent their appreciations to the old man who exerted a lot of efforts just to bring the kids to the Jollibee store and ordered some food.

Looking at the video makes us see a Santa Claus-Reindeer-Elves in real life. It is fantastic how the old man reflects a parent to every child he is with. Just like their fathers, he endured all the obstacles just to make the kids glad. What’s even more fascinating is that the carabao has voice commands! When you say YES it starts and by saying NO it stops.