Disappointed Netizen Slams a Grocery Store Over Newly-Bought Tub of Ice Cream Containing Frozen Spaghetti

In the past year, the amount of social media users in the world has proliferated, and it suddenly plays an imperative part in our lives. It would let us get a hint from someone’s life from a status update, tweets, and posts which lets everyone know everything that is happening to us.

It also helps us communicate and interact with our family and loved ones a lot easier than ever before no matter how far we are from them.

Recently, a social media user named Nikki Calalang, shared on social media the disappointing experience she had on her newly bought ice cream.

According to her, her mom bought her a tub of ice cream when she went to a local grocery store, but when she opened the tub of the ice cream, she was so shocked and disappointed that instead of seeing an ice cream she saw a frozen spaghetti inside.

After seeing the spaghetti, they went straight to customer service to tell them the incident with the tub of ice cream. They apologized to them and replaced the tub of spaghetti with real ice cream.

They even promised her that they would investigate to know the one responsible for the said incident. They also asked her to delete her post on social media about them, but she refuses to do so.


“My mama bought an ice cream at Walter Mart San Fernando. Pagbukas namin, spaghetti yung laman. LEGIT, I SWEAR HAHAHAHHAHA :(((

Hello Walter Mart Supermarket, pa-refund gusto ko ng icecream. Not frozen spaghetti

Edited update:

Okay, so we went back, went straight to the Customer Service. Same old, they apologized and replaced the spaghetti with a real ice cream. It was okay. They told us that they’re going to investigate, see who put that there and all that.

They asked me to take down the post, I said no. It’s not like we’re mad or something. It was really just hilarious. Coz it really was.

Anyway, they didn’t give us anything other than the ice cream. No complimentary ice cream…. I was really waiting for another ice cream tub jk”

In conclusion to the story, the effects of social media, to be honest, have been somewhat balanced. There has its positive outcomes and has its drawbacks as well. However, in the end, it’s still your choice to either use social media positively and benefit from it in your social and academic life or fall as a victim of social media’s negative impacts.