Dear Parents: Beware of These 5 Mistakes Most Parents Usually Do That Often Result to their Children’s Ill-Mannered

“Mistakes of parents that they do to their child, and as a result, they will have ill-mannered children. If you do not react to the some few actions and behaviors in time, you will possibly bring a certain influence in your children’s lives.”

The above paragraph also confirmed by Mrs. Emma Senner, she was a very famous woman for her show, the Take Home Nanny” She mentioned that there are five mistakes that parents usually do that can lead to consequences.

Below are the five common mistakes the parents usually do to their child.

You don’ let others scold them: During the old times, professors and teachers scold our children especially when they behave improperly. Nowadays this scenario is impossible because if a professor and teachers gave a piece of wisdom or if they scold the child, the parents will immediately react, and eventually they get mad. If you behave like this, you will let your child misbehave and that neither the teacher nor you can stop them from their bad behavior.

Giving them too much attention: Of course, it is the responsibility of a parent to look after their children, but it is important to make an adaptable and timetable to the basic needs of a child like food, shelter, and clothing. You don’t need to give everything to your children as long as it is not important.

Don’t ever burst out or get mad at them just simply explain to them what are things that are correct and wrong.

You are afraid of your children: For example, you are giving them a cup of milk from a different cup and not their usual drinking cup, you as a parent will immediately look for their usual drinking cup because you don’t want to make them cry or disappointed and at the same time you are afraid that they will not drink the milk.

Do not let your children command you. If there are instances that they need to cry because they want to do something let them cry and go somewhere if you do not want to hear it, this is the only solution that you can avoid them from being spoiled and make them understand that you are in control not them.

Parental shortcuts: As a parent do not ponder to a series of shortcuts to reduce the boredness of your child and eventually they will start to misbehave. Do not let them use gadgets while waiting for something, in this way you are teaching you are teaching your child to be patient.

Justifying your children’s fault: If you behave like this or you justify your child without knowing the whole situation as well as saying this line ” It is just a child” you are wrong because you are letting your child continue his or her wrong action. It is important to teach your child to respect elders and to do good manners.