Deaf Baby Becomes Emotional As She Hears Her Mom’s Voice for the Very First Time

Christy Keane who runs the motherhood and lifestyle blog, The Blushing Bluebird, has two little girls – two-year-old Cameron and two-month-old Charlotte or Charly as they call her.

Charly was born deaf with a bilateral profound congenital hearing loss. The Keane home has been full of emotions since she was born as they had no hint of a hearing loss during Christy’s pregnancy.

Christy herself had never met a deaf person until her daughter. Now she’s exploring sign language and googling cochlear implants.

Charly was recently fitted with hearing aids donated to the Virginia Beach family and her mom shared the very special moment on social media capturing the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Charly had never heard her mother’s voice before so registering it for the very first time was emotional for all involved.

In this truly heartwarming video, you’ll see this precious child responding to her mom’s voice while getting quite emotional. Charly seemed unsure whether to smile or cry as Christy said ‘I love you’ to her.

On Instagram, Keane wrote:

“We didn’t think she would hear anything so this was more incredible than I can put into words.”

Christy also never imagined the reaction that would come from sharing a special family moment.

“I know she was feeling what I was feeling in my heart at the same time,” Keane added of her daughter’s emotional reaction to hearing her first sounds.

Charly’s family is now exploring the possibility of her using cochlear implants which are surgically inserted into the ear and carry signals straight to the brain. Charly would reportedly be eligible for the procedure when she turns one.

For now, the hearing aids are helping Charly prepare her body for the implant. Christy says every morning when she puts them in is a miracle. The smile she gets from her daughter is just like the first time.