Daughter Thought Her Dad is Weird for Always Wearing the Same Old Shirt for the Past 18 Years Until She Saw an Old Picture of her Dad and a Woman

A lot of people are very affectionate in terms of proving their deepest devotion to their loved ones. Some even the crazy things at the expense of looking ridiculous to other people.

Although there are times that a certain person must practice patience and humility toward their partner, there are also some people who deeply indulge themselves by getting silly outlook.

In this case, a very sentimental dad who lives in Japan valued his most precious shirt which he used during his honeymoon with his wife. Up until now, he still wears the shirt and uses it from time to time despite its ragged appearance. It is weary and filled with holes which he manages to fix in order to be used.

A Japanese girl with a username @922_riaru shared her story on Twitter about her father being a loving and affectionate husband to his wife.

According to her post on Twitter, she told that she always thought that her father had no taste in style and looked down on him for being “uncool” because he wore the same shirt many times for the past years.

She also told that she often thought about why did her father repeatedly wore the same green shirt on special occasions and even in his out of town travels. It was revealed later on that the reason behind all of this ridiculous look might seem a form of devotion and sentiments of his father for his beloved wife.

The daughter found a photograph which is hidden in the belongings if her deceased grandfather. It was an old photo of her dad together with her mom who died 18 years ago. It was kinda a bit of shocking revelation to her because she saw the same shirt that her dad used to wear all the time.

It was later on believed that the photos were taken during the honeymoon of her parents. She couldn’t imagine how sincere her father in commemorating her mother through that very shirt. She also saw that her mother was also wearing an identical shirt just like the one that her father wore as if it was a couple shirt.

She told that the gesture really touched her that her father does in having that shirt meaningful in his daily life. It seemed that it was the only way that her father could recall his days with her mom.

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