Cutest Bonding of Daddy and Daughter Lip Sync of ” Girl Like You” Goes Viral

In science, it is believed that two opposite poles attract so as in the family. A study shows that sons are more naturally close to the mothers and daughters to their fathers. Little girls are jewels to their fathers. They are so pressure and fathers can face storms to protect their treasure.

Little adorable girl name Myla, shared a sweet short moment caught on camera with his father that will get you hitting replay button over and over. As an after-bath ritual, Myla and her dad usually have a sing-off moment together, and the cute little Myla always have the spotlight to her.

Wrapped with her bathrobe, Myla is being carried by her father who’s also clad with a towel, started to lip sync in front of their bathroom mirror. Swaying and dancing, the duo starting lip syncs to Maroon 5’s song, “Girls like you”.

Myla was showing her dad how the song should be done with her performance level emotions and facial expressions making the video more oozing with cuteness. She takes lead on the song and her father is just amazed at how her little girl did it.

Holding and swaying her back and forth to the music, her dad was in love seeing how good her daughter was.

Myla knows the song very well by heart and yes, it is her favorite song. The song was perfect to share that moment, so as Myla is to her dad. No wonder why this video went viral on social media.

Everyone who watched the video will surely play it over again for the cuteness of Myla and her father.

It is indeed a good idea to have some family bonding moments. Short quality time with loved ones will never be a waste of time but will always be a moment to be treasured, and it’ll make the family more intact.

Source: Super Cute Daddy and Daughter Lip Sync Battle by ViralHog