Couple Lost All Three Children in a Unfortunate Car Crash, But 6 Months Later, an Incredible Miracle Happened

Nothing could be more devastatingly tragic than the insurmountable grief of a parent losing a child forever. It’s every parent’s worse nightmare. This is what happened to the Coble family. Their story is a profound one, filled with unimaginable loss, courage, strength, and new beginnings.

On an average day in May 2007, a day after her son’s birthday, Lori Coble loaded up her minivan with her mom Cindy and her children – Kyle, 5; Emma, 4; and Katie, 2. The family went to a mall fair where Kyle especially enjoyed the Ferris wheel and the petting zoo.

Prior to the kids’ naptime, the Cobles got back in the minivan and headed home. Lori hit a line of backed-up traffic as she tried to exit the highway. While stopped, Lori turned around to her youngest daughter and tickled her tenderly on her foot. She had no clue it would be the last time she’d saw her daughter laugh.

A big truck carrying 20 tons of electronics driving 70 mph then crashed into the back of the minivan and demolished it. The two adults were knocked unconscious while the children were severely injured. The trauma was so bad that emergency medical officials had to split the family up to separate hospitals for emergency care. They sent Cindy and Lori to one hospital, Kyle and Katie to another, and Emma to a third.

Chris Coble, Lori’s husband and the father of the children, was at work when authorities notified him of the accident. He rushed to the hospital where Lori and Cindy had been taken. Shortly after his arrival, he received consecutive calls saying both of his little daughters were déad.

Lori had no recollection of the incident that Chris had to tell her their daughters were déad, while still holding hope for Kyle. But the young boy was so badly injured that he had no chance of survival. Heavy-heartedly, they turned off his life-support machine.

Together, the parents sat on their son’s bed until Kyle breathed his last breath. Then he was gone. All three children became just a memory of the past. It was truly disastrous for the parents.

Jorge Miguel Romero, the man driving the truck that slammed into Lori’s minivan, had a history of speeding and was convicted on three counts of vehicular manslaughter. The Cobles met him at the trial and gave him their forgiveness.

Six months after the tragïc âccident, a miracle happened! As Chris and Lori knew their beloved children would want them to be parents again, they decided to have more. Miraculously, Lori became pregnant with triplets: two girls and one boy, just like before.

The expecting parents truly believed it was no coincidence!

“I think it’s a miracle. I think Kyle, Emma, and Katie had something to do with this,” says Lori. “I think they helped us, I think they made this possible.”

In May 2015, Ashley, Ellie, and Jake celebrated their seventh birthday. While nothing can replace the loss of their first three children, the unending love of the triplets is surely keeping the family to move forward with hope and love.

source: qatarday