Check Out Willie Revillame’s Grandiose Mansion Sitting Atop Tagaytay Midlands

TV host Willie Revillame’s multi-million property in Barangay Iruhin, Tagaytay Midlands is an enchanting sight with designer pieces, an alluring infinity pool, open spaces, and an unobstructed sight of the beautiful Taal lake.


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Sitting atop Tagaytay, the five-hectare mansion-hotel is nothing short of luxurious and majestic, beautifully lit, just like the entirety of the ridged town.


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Willie had undoubtedly invested much of his time, energy, and resources in the world-class abode which he just accidentally discovered back in 2010 when he and his friend Jay Coson were tested driving his then newly bought sports car in the city.

The Iruhin property has four bedrooms: two guest rooms, one family room, and the master bedroom. It has definitely the vibe of a five-star-hotel since the TV host loves to stay in one.


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Family Room

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For the living room, Willie chose to follow an open space layout. It looks like an elegant hotel lobby of some kind. According to a YES! magazine feature, “adding illumination to this space is an oversized but functional Superarchimoon outdoor floor lamp, which is a collaboration between Dedon furniture and Flos lighting system.”

Living Room and Dining Area

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Living Room

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On the other hand, the dining area is furnished with a ten-seater table. Aside from the pantry-cum-kitchen, Willie has a “mess kitchen” where heavy-duty cooking usually takes place.


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Located in the corner of the first floor is Willie’s entertainment room, complete with the most advanced entertainment gizmos to provide a “visual and aural experience for the guests.”

Entertainment Room

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The room is equipped with a Daikin inverter, a huge Sony flat TV, a set of Strauss audio speakers, a Marantz AV surround receiver, a Dynaudio Authentic Fidelity, a Yamaha mixing console, a Steinheser XS Wireless True Diversity receiver, and a PV2600 Stereo Power Amplifier, and the requisite videoke machine.

A private gym complete with a variety of exercise equipment can also be found on the first floor. Aside from the fitness gears, the room also brags a relaxing view of the lap pool as well as the beautiful Taal Lake.


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The lap pool area has the best view of the Taal lake and volcano out of all spots in the vicinity. The pool is said to be 4-ft deep.

Swimming Pool

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Located at the roof deck is Willie’s master bedroom that seems to have a minimalist theme.

Roof Deck

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Master Bedroom

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According to YES!, the master toilet-and-bath is “furnished with hotel-like amenities” like his-and-hers sink, a toilet-and-urinal, and a floor-to-ceiling glass window that allows natural light to come in.

Master’s Bathroom

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Willie’s foreman, Conrad, said that the homeowner deliberately has all the lights in the property turned on when he’s around, making it a “visual spectacle” at night.

Facade at Night

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He added, “Kaya mabuti na rin na ang nilagay na lights e LED lahat. Hindi malakas sa kuryente. Lalo na nga kapag andito siya, gusto niya nakabukas lahat ng ilaw.”

To Willie, the property serves as his escape from the chaotic life in Manila.

“Itong property na ito, talagang ang view naman ang hindi mo matatawaran. Kita mo naman, ang ganda-ganda. ‘Tapos, sa ‘yong sa ‘yo lang ang view na ‘yan. Wala kang kahati. Bukas na bukas ang view mo, parang kita mo na ang mundo,” he stated.

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