Check Out Kim Chiu’s Modern and Classic 3-Storey Home In Quezon City

Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu (born April 19, 1990) is a Filipino actress, singer and television host. She is widely known for being Gerald Anderson’s loveteam, aptly dubbed “Kimerald.”

Kim is the first Teen Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition and also known as the showbiz industry’s “Chinita Princess.”

The actress impressed us in her three-storey property on a 600sqm lot in Quezon City. With the help of Design consultant Janet Diquiatco-Torio, she made sure that the actress home should reflect the character and style of the owner. Inspired by Kim’s personality, Janet designed a modern-meets-classic space with sweet and playful touches.

Here are the seven things that impressed us in Kim Chiu’s three-storey property:

The Imposing Facade

The exterior of the house has a neutral shade, sleek lines, and minimalist single-pane windows. Stone columns complement these modern elements, pairing the old and the new this is in line with Janet’ idea.

The Inviting Living Area

Janet chose soft and plush materials, to make the living area appear sophisticated. This space is furnished with a tufted couch and a pair of fully upholstered armchairs on an area rug.

The Interesting Dining Area

Feng shui expert Joy Lim suggested to use of soft blues to offset the fire element since this dining area is located next to the kitchen.

Janet also chose a powder blue fabric for the customized dining chairs. The designer chose a powder blue fabric for the customized dining chairs, which have 8-shaped backs. The dining area uses soft blues for the wall mural painted by artists Raymond Cariaso and Raymond Perlata.

The Fully Equipped Kitchen

The spacious kitchen is built with state-of-the-art appliances and gadgets. Stylish appliances can be seen in the kitchen like Samsung French-door refrigerator and a GE Microwave Oven, Elba cooktop on the kitchen island and an Elba range hood to get rid of unappealing smoke and odors.

The Doll House-Like Bedroom

Kim has a dollhouse like a bedroom. Initially, she dreamed of a pink home but her sister Lakam advised her to think over it. Rather than an entire home filled only with sweet shades, she just used these colors in her own loft-type bedroom.

The bedroom has its own living area and home office downstairs and a bedroom upstairs that will surely remind us of a dollhouse.

The Floral Patterns in the Bedroom

The bedroom is furnished with a custom-made bed with a tufted headboard, two side tables, and a study table with a chair.

Placed on the bed, you will see two bears given by her former on-screen partner Gerald Anderson are placed on the bed and a life-size teddy bear is a gift from Xian Lim.

The second level of the bedroom is defined by the dainty floral prints on the customized curtains and bed sheets and some paintings by artist Chico Javier.

The Cabinets Filled with Designer Shoes

Kim designated the third floor exclusively as a walk-in closet! It is the place for storing Kim’s clothes, bags, accessories, and shoes.

Her shoes are properly stored in glass cabinets to keep them in their original condition. The transparent doors also make it easier for Kim to find her favorite pairs among the Tory Burch, Chanel, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and Stella Luna heels.