Check Out Inside The Jaw-Dropping Mansion of The Gutierrez

Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama are one of all the respected couple Philippine showbiz. Their kids followed their footsteps on being part of the spotlight but making their own name and identity as an individual artist.

The couple built their home on a 660-square-meter lot in a gated community in Quezon City in 1986.


The house was renovated into a more expensive looking one with the help of their interior designer Jeizele Delos Reyes-Go. According to Jeizel, they changed everything in the house except for the high ceiling and its foundation keeping it in a minimalist theme.

Front Exterior

The main concept of the house according to Jeizele, was to keep everything “simple, linear, very clean… minimalist… unobtrusive.”

Annabelle was on hand in the construction of the house. On this staircase, for example, she followed a traditional Filipino belief adopted from the Spaniard’s concept of oro, plata, mata (gold, silver, death). When stepping on the stairs going up, you start counting by oro, then plata, then mata, and the final step should be an oro, gold.

First Floor Living Room

The star of this room is the Total Flightcase. The table was part of the collection created for the Moroso Company by the designers of Diesel (an Italian brand of apparel and accessories.) The table alone costs P384,000.

There are two living rooms found inside the mansion. The first one is on the first level of the house and the second one is on the second floor. The ground level living room is for Annabelle’s collection of pricey Murano, Lladro, and Lalique figurines.

Murano is from the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. Lladro is a Spanish company best known for their porcelain products. Lalique is a glassware brand by the French glass designer Rene Lalique.

The living room has big-sized window perfect for natural ventilation and reflects the beauty of the house’s outside vibe.
This living room is the favorite spot of Annabelle’s two granddaughters; Lorin and Venice, where they spend watching cartoons. From this side of the house, is the perfect place to see the pond area and the man-made waterfalls on the garden.

Dining Room

Modular cabinets are built inside this room by a Filipino company using German technology.

Master Bedroom

This is the only bedroom on the ground level of the big house and storage of Annabelle’s collection of her shoes and bags. Some bags are given to Annabelle by Dr. Vicki Belo and from Ruffa’s ex-husband, Yilmaz Bektas.
The shelves are covered with curtains and cowhide rugs which was bought by Ruffa in Brazil.

Walk-in Closet

This is where Annabelle stores her more shoes, clothes, and bags. The noticeable chandelier was also from Murano. The closet also has a small door leading to the garage.

Master bathroom

The bathroom is all white and is shining clean, it has a double bowl for each gender.


The bar is in the corner of the ground level. The bar shelves hold bottles of wine and whiskey, along with wine buckets. Completing the bar is a Tam Austria painting and a painting by National Artist Arturo Luz.


Before the renovation, the staircase is separated by a door for the residents privacy. But, Jeizele removed it to create an open area. The steps of the stair made up of narra wood and complemented by clear glass.

Second Floor Living Room

The bright, refreshing feels of the white ceiling, walls, and floors is balanced by dark-colored furniture. One is a brown sectional sofa and a black reclining chair that came from son Richard’s condo unit at One McKinley Place at the Bonifacio Global City complex, a 72-inch flat-screen TV is bordered by a Lladro porcelain horse and a Murano glass cobra. It is also furnished with Kenneth Cobonpue rattan chairs.


Jeizele used Veneciano Italian wallpaper to create a classy wall accent. A leather sofa and armchairs are from Natuzzi.

Richard’s Bedroom

Richard’s room has warm earth tones and wooden furniture theme. It has built-in cabinets for Richard’s clothes and personal items. The bathroom is equipped with high-end and top-of-the-line fixtures and the lavatory was designed by the interior designer Patricia Urquiola for Hansgrohe.

Lorin and Venice’s Bedroom

The room was really for Eddie and Annabelle’s son, Rocky but since Rocky has his own space to live, they turned this room on a space for Ruffa’s pretty daughters. A trundle bed (a bed with another pull-out bed underneath) serves a good sleeping space for the girls.

Elvis’s Bedroom

Elvis is the third child of the couple and his room is the biggest part of the house.
Common Bathroom
This toilet/bath is found between the linking bedrooms of Lorin and Venice and Ritchie Paul.


Annabelle wanted the terrace to be a Bali, Indonesia inspired one. It has three parts: a coffee nook, a dining area, and a seating area. The ceiling is made up of steel framing with polycarbonate and with the touch of a bamboo mat to keep the tropical feels.

Swimming Pool

It was a kidney-shaped pool that used to be deep, but Annabelle changed it into a rectangular-shaped pool that is shallow for kids’ safety.


A cabin is found nearby the pool. This space has Kenneth Cobonpue touches on the decors.