Brides Father Passed away, But His 5 Brothers Surprise Her During Father- Daughter Dance That Leaves Tear-Dropping Moment

The first dance as husband and wife would be sweet part in the reception in every wedding ceremony, but what’s the sweetest? Not the chocolates, cakes or desserts on the tables, but the father and daughter dance.

For the Utah bride Kaley West Young, the version of her dance was a tear-dropping moment to everyone who was present in the reception. She lost his father but her 5 brothers won’t let their princess miss the dance.

With her very stunning wedding gown, Kaley was overwhelmed and filled with emotions after his 5 brothers stepped into the center floor with her and explained how the father and daughter will be.

On Michael Bolton’s song, “Fathers and Daughters”, each brother — Kevin, Dustin, Danny, Derek, and Kasey — was going to dance with Kaley. The brothers collected all the home videos that their father had recorded for Kaley over the years.

They edited the clips and used it as voice over Michael Bolton’s song. The moment was pure, filling the room with tears and joy as they listened to the voice of David Jean West, who died suddenly in March 2015.

WJLA-TV had an interview with Kaley, who was on her honeymoon in Italy to tell about how she felt about the experience.
“I was completely in shock,” Kaley said. “I know people joke about having an out-of-body experience but that is what it truly was being in the middle of the ballroom and surrounded by my family, and my husband’s family, and our friends and people we care about with my brothers stepping up. It was an incredible moment.”

The video went viral over the internet and even reached Michael Bolton. Michael even expressed his grateful he is to the family of Kaley for using his song on that remarkable and precious moment.

Watch the video here: