Boy Dressed Up as “Anabelle” on Halloween Had to be Rushed to the Dental Clinic by his Mom and the Dentist Couldn’t Contain Himself from Laughing

Halloween is the single day of the year where everyone is encouraged to become someone else, and no one bats an eye. This results in some pretty humorous public sightings.

On that note, an unidentified Asian boy has immediately gone viral after his mother published a series of Halloween photos that showcase the most bizarre trip to the dentist that netizens have ever seen.

Reportedly, the boy wasn’t too keen on the costume, but his mother wanted to give him a funny and memorable moment he’ll always remember. He eventually agreed after weeks of convincing.

However, it was right in the middle of the Halloween party when the poor kid’s mom suddenly realized that she’d actually scheduled him a dentist appointment on the very same day. Apparently, even demon-possessed dolls aren’t immune to cavities.

Not wanting to miss the appointment and not having enough time to get him out of his costume, she decided they’d had had to dip out of the festivities and get those teeth cleaned. The young boy has made the dentist, and the nurse burst out laughing as soon as he arrived. On the other hand, the boy was clearly not happy to be spending Halloween in a dentist chair.

What could have been a fairly standard pouting session was instead made extraordinary by the boy’s creepy and spot-on costume as Annabelle from The Conjuring – complete with braided wig, doll make-up, and dead-eyed, demonic glare. He may not be amused, but the whole internet was.

Dubbed as “The Saddest Annabelle” by his own mother, the boy’s hilarious photo has gone viral on social media, with netizens around the world going crazy over his adorably angry expression and the honestly amazing costume. His nickname is all too fitting, after all. Netizens hope that someday, he looks back and smiles just like what he did to them.

source: gtgoodtimes