Baby Inside Her Mother’s Womb Was Filmed Dancing to Music

It is believed that babies can hear and identify sounds while they are still in the womb. This shows that baby’s first responses can be shaped by listening to good music.

Music is said to have healing capabilities and a soothing effect on our emotions helping us destress, relax, and change our mood for the better. That being said, medical experts have carried out various studies on pregnant women to find out the effect of music on the unborn babies.

According to the results, unborn babies who were exposed to music while in the womb showed a significant improvement in their overall mental, cognizant, behavioral, sensory, psychological, and emotional development as compared to those who were not exposed to any music while they were in the womb.

Recently, an incredible video of a pregnant woman listening to music has gone viral as the baby inside her womb seems listening and almost as if feeling the beat and successfully grooving to the music makes it giddy!

Photo credits: Abel Mendiola Sotelo

It looks like the unborn baby is enjoying every bit of the music as it responds to its rhythm and tempo while inside her mother’s womb. Some netizens commented that the baby is going to be a dancer in the near future. The clip definitely gives us a boost of happiness like what the music does to the baby.

Photo credits: Abel Mendiola Sotelo

Just a fair warning for pregnant women out there, avoid putting headphones on your belly or at least keep the music at or below 70 decibels when possible. This is because the distance between your belly and the fetus is not very wide making the headphones propped right up against your baby’s ears.

The best type of music to play for unborn babies is classical music because it tends to offer a range of notes and creates an almost lullaby style sound in the womb. However, any musical selection will work as long as the music is not too discordant, loud, and harsh which may startle the babies.