Ang Probinsyano “COCO MARTIN” Collection Of Luxurious Cars that Everyone is Envy About

We can’t deny the fact that Coco Martin is one of the successful stars in showbiz. From being an Indie film actor to being a blockbuster film actor and lead star of today’s trending soap opera.

He has been part of the biggest teleserye in the Philippines like Hanggang Saan, Minsan lang kita Iibigin, Tayong Dalawa, Ikaw Lamang and many more. Now, Coco is part of the “FPJ’s: Ang Probinsyano”. No doubt that Coco has gone too far from what he is from years ago.

Aside for being a full-time actor in ABS-CBN, Coco is also a collector. His collection is a luxury type that only those who have a lot of wealth can afford. Coco is into collecting expensive and luxury vehicles.

As we can observe to Coco, he is into an extreme sport like off-roading and his car collection is perfect for this kind of sports. No wonder, Coco is admired not only because of his talent as an actor but also because of his cars.

This car in the picture looks familiar, right? This car is often used in his teleserye, Ang Probinsyano as one of their cars during intense fight scenes.

The car is big and bulky that can be a good thing to use during flood seasons in the Philippines.

Coco’s collection includes Land Cruiser, Mustang, and Mercedes Bens. These brand are not just expensive, these are the top brand in the market.

Coco was invited on a tv show and he shared his car collection to the public. Looking at each of the cars he has, we can say that Coco is really hands-on in taking care of these.
Coco’s red Mustang is a popular vintage car and was made by the Ford Company.

Coco is striking a pose with his friend using his luxury car as background.

Coco’s undeniable fame is giving him all the wealth that he needs to live but he never forgets to stay humble and extend his hands to help others.