Bulabog Main Road in Boracay Looks Remarkable with its Newly Installed Bricks Layered Side Walks

Over the years, Boracay has been one of the famous beaches in the Philippines and even to other countries. Tourists from all over the world have come to visit this place because of its long white beach and natural beauty. But this beautiful island has been abused by some of the locals and tourist making it unclean.

This negligence and lack of concern for the island makes it known to be one of the dirtiest beaches. It has been published in the news portals that some establishments were throwing they’re trashed directly to the sea water making it change its color and smell.

Thanks to the current government who have a strong will to rehabilitate the island and let it have a break from the noise and trashes of the tourists.

President Duterte has ordered the closure of the island last April; locals and business owners were ordered to comply with the requirements of rehabilitating the island.

For a short period of six months, a lot of improvements can be seen on the island. The nature has healed itself, the sea water has become clear and clean once again, and the sand has been whiter than before.

The island will be opened to the tourist by October 26, 2018, and the government had stated that the public should manage their expectations because six months is a short period to finish the rehabilitation of the whole island.

According to the report posted by the Philippine Star on Facebook, the government has added some beautiful bricks on the sidewalks of Bulabog road near the white beach.

Photo credits: Philippine Star

These roads added class to the beauty of the island, especially when viewed from above riding a helicopter. Locals were so amazed to witness the beautiful changes in their home island. Some say it looked like the beach in Dubai which is beautiful and stunning.

Photo credits: Philippine Star

The government and the locals have been working together to restore the beauty and cleanliness of Boracay island. Some rules and regulations in staying on the island have been posted so that the tourist and locals will be disciplined not to destroy Boracay again.

Photo credits: Philippine Star

The Department of Public Works and Highways said that the road constructions would be 75 to 80 percent done when the opening started but they are doing their best to make it “significantly finished” by that time.

source: pinoythinking