Adorable Moment of Dogs Trying to Imitate Crawling Baby to Show Him Their Support

We surround our kids with pictures of cute animals from the day they are born. We decorate nurseries with stuffed puppies and penguins and hang mobiles with dangling bears and bunnies over cribs. There are animals on the wallpaper. Sometimes, we even paint animal murals.

Later on, we want the kids to experience the happiness of having a real pet in the house to grow up with. And let’s admit it, pets and tiny babies make for some truly adorable moments.

This cute moment of a trio of dogs and a baby will surely brighten your day and give you a good laugh.

Adopted Alaskan Malamutes, Brown Sugar and Rice Candy, are either having species confusion or just want to give their little sibling some support in the most adorable way.

In the funny video recorded and shared by their ‘hooman’ online, the two fluffy dogs can be seen imitating the baby, crawling behind him.

While the baby looks like he has yet to get the hang of crawling on the floor, Brown Sugar and Rice Candy look the opposite and wait as patiently as they can, staring at the baby.

At one point, the baby checks on his furry siblings behind him to see how they are doing and one of the dogs catches up on him shortly thereafter.

It is utterly funny and amusing to see the three being supportive of one another!

The mother of the baby nicknamed Maple Syrup said that the video was meant to remind viewers that pets and babies can be best friends. She calls the adorable trio “the three plum sugar siblings.”

It’s safe to say that nowadays, man’s best friend just became baby’s best friend. After all, life is always a little bit better with a friend or two by your side.

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