Actor Zoren Legaspi is Treated as a Student Twice Because of his Youthful and Handsome Face

In the Philippines there’s this saying “Kalabaw lang ang tumatanda” and Zoren Lim Legaspi is a proof.

He was born popularly known as Zoren, he is a Filipino actor and television director. He has been part of great Filipino several television shows such as Mulawin, Now and Forever: Ganti, Majika, Enchanted Garden, Glamorosa, Forevermore, Healing Hearts, Encantadia, Sirkus, and Kapag Nahati Ang Puso.
He is married to timeless beauty, Carmina Villaroel since December 15, 2012.

They have equally adorable twins, Maverick (Mavy) and Cassandra (Cassy) who are now teenagers.
At the age of 46 (born January 31, 1972, in Manila), he still maintains his boy next door look and of course, with beautiful and fit physique. A lot of times that Zoren gets mistaken that he is still a teenager, and he confirms it.

During their stay in the United States, Zoren with her daughter Cassy is in a convenience store get some things. At the cashier, they were stopped for the products they got to pay for these are prohibited for minors.

Zoren, then told the cashier that he’s not a teen anymore and explained that the girl with her is his daughter. However, the cashier doubted and requested Zoren to present a valid ID for proof.

And there’s another, he confesses that one time he wants to work out and decided to go to the gym in the same place where they stayed in the US. When he’s in the reception of the gym, one of the gym staffs offered him a student discount requiring him to present an id.

At that time, he really don’t know to react about the incident. He was just so glad that even on his age, a lot of people see him as young as other teenagers. He is very overwhelmed all the time it happens. For sure, her wife Carmina always have this “kilig” moments when she’s with Zoren.