A Concerned Netizen Shares How to Use the Medical Mask Correctly

A lot of us are familiar with what a medical mask is, or sometimes called a face mask or a surgical mask. However, not every one of us knows how to use it the proper way.

A medical mask or surgical mask is loose-fitting masks which cover the nose and mouth of the one using it, and it has ear loops or ties on both sides so that the back of the head can hold it. It is a tool utilized to prevent the disease, germs or bacteria from spreading and also serves as the barrier from getting illnesses and bacteria from other people.

Photo credits: wikiHow

Most of the people who use it are Health professionals. It acts as their protection from any infections that they might get from working with sick people. While sick people with weak immune systems use this to act as their barrier from infections or illness that could deteriorate their conditions.

Now we know about the medical mask or surgical mask and its benefits to our body, but the question is, do we know how to use it the proper way?. A social media user by the name Janine Lorico Espinas, posted tips on Facebook which educate netizens on how to use the medical mask correctly.

The said post immediately went viral as it earned 10,000 reactions and 8,700 shares from social media users as of writing.

She said to her post that she learned about medical usage mask from her on-the-job training last year.

To simplify her post, if you are sick and you don’t want other people to catch any infections from you, the white part of the mask should be in inside. And if other people are sick, the white part should be outside to protect you from any infections, disease that might enter your immune system.

The blue or colored side of the mask, according to her, prevents fluids from going inside your mouth or nose, while the white one is the filter that blocks any micro-organism from entering when you’re inhaling and exhaling.

Because of Espinas’ post, several netizens claimed that they’ve been using the mask the wrong way because no one taught them on how to wear it correctly. Some Commented on the photo and said, “Meron pa lang ganun. Now I know.

Thanks” and “Ito pala ang tama na paggamit, tagal ko na ito pala isipan kung ano tama side ang gagamitin”.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health also mentioned the before putting the mask on, we should wash our hands first with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer in order to prevent the mask from any contamination.

They also would like to warn us of re-using and sharing our face mask with others.