8 Signs a Woman Hasn’t Had Made Love for a Very Long Time

In this modern age, there are a lot of research studies which were made to help on how to identify the problems of certain individuals regarding their health.

Some of these researchers have pinned down the cause of some significant symptoms which attributes on having a low quality of life. Researchers have stated that there are many downsides of not having active making love activities or release for women that might suffer from the following kinds of symptoms.

Here are some signs and symptoms for women who are not active in making love activities for a very long time:

Decrease in Self-Esteem

If you have been active in s*x and had ceased for a long time, your body will take a toll from the tension that builds up on you. Even though you’re not resisting it, your body would gradually crave for it.

Some people would choke out on the feeling of losing interests in all things, and this makes them question their self-worth as if they feel unattractive and unworthy.

Fast Aging

The body will eventually need some stress reducer if you are having a lot of tension that builds up in every inch of your body.

When women get older, they lose their capacity for s*xual craving as their libido deteriorates. This will significantly decrease hormonal activities which are essential for looking young and healthy.


Some people develop problems which give them a hard time coping up to a stress that will result in fatigue and sleep deprivation. Some studies also prove that having s*x could improve your sleeping habits because of the hormones that are being released while having intimate time with your partner.

Immune System Fails

Lovemaking boosts the immune system which will decrease the likelihood of having a different type of sickness due to the hormonal secretion of the body to stay active and healthy. There are also some studies about having regular s*x could increase the life expectancy of certain individuals.


There are plenty of drug prescriptions that decreases the health of its users because of their side effects in lowering the libido.

Having a lowered s*x drive may result in certain complications in health such as impotence and childbearing defects. It is essential to seek medical aid if these symptoms arise.

Less Sociable

Some people develop a hard time dealing socially with others. They always get grumpy when interacting with a normal individual who blows them off because of the decrease in the levels of their libido. This often provides great stress to their mental health that affects their mood in dealing with others.

Less Focus

Some individuals often reduce their memory capacity and brain function that affects their ability to focus and remember things. Having a long period from ceasing their s*xual habits may affect their mental health which is mainly due to decreased libido.

In-active Lifestyle

It had been stated that having s*x may bolster ones one lifestyle. It gives a lot of benefits including losing weight while staying healthy. It may also attribute to exercise for some individuals who don’t have enough time for doing it. It is important to have at least some s*xual release from time to time.

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