8 Filipina Celebrities with Incredibly Rich Husbands

Women always have different qualities and standards in choosing a man that they want to marry, but whatever preference they have, it will always fall down on a man with a stable job and stable income.

Reality bites, no one could live by love alone, but people also need a stable income to live a better life. However, if you were given the chance to marry a handsome, loving, respectful, and incredibly rich man is like hitting the lottery’s jackpot prize.

Below are eight of the most beautiful women in the showbiz industry who ended up marrying with incredible rich men.

Julia Clarete – McGeown

A former host of Eat Bulaga is married to Gareth McGeown, an Irish. Gareth is the Coca-Cola Commercial Director for Malaysia and Singapore. Julia, who left Eat! Bulaga in 2016 to focus on her personal life and is currently based in Kuala Lumpur.

Maria Assunta Tiotangco Schiavone-Ledesma

A female celebrity is known by her stage name Assunta de Rossi. Assunta de Rossi is a Filipino-Italian married to Negros Occidental Congressman Jules Ledesma.

She was just 19 years old when she tied the knot with the 41-year-old Jules in a Civil rites ceremony last 2002. They had their church wedding at the Sanctuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park in 2004.

Nina Jose -Quiambao

She is the former housemate of PBB together with Kim Chiu in the first teen edition of Pinoy Big Brother in 2006. Today, Nina Jose -Quiambao is already married to the billionaire politician Mayor Cezar Quiambao who owns the Stradcom Corporation.

Nina has been very vocal that she prefers older men who were more mature in life.

Kaye Abad – Castillo

Paul Jake Castillo is a former Pinoy Big Brother housemate. They became an official couple in April 2014. He is already rich prior to joining the Kapamilya reality TV show.

His family does not only own a house in Cebu but also a rest house and a farm. Aside from that, their family also owns a large business that produces Bioderm, Efficascent Oil, Casino, Alcohol, and more.

Pauleen Luna -Sotto

Pauleen is a Filipino actress who’s now married with Bossing Vic Sotto.

She is 34 years younger than Vic but it shows that they don’t really mind since they are already happily married today. She just recently gave birth to their first daughter.

Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes

The Kapuso Primetime Queen is a Spanish Filipina commercial model and actress. Before she rose to fame, she had a simple life.

Things changed when she met and ended up Dingdong Dantes, her on-screen partner, a model, and actor since he was a child. Now, they are already proud parents to baby Zia.

Zsa Zsa Padilla

She was tagged before as the Divine Diva, a simple woman who lives a simple life. However, things changed when she started her showbiz career. She met Dolphy, the late comedy king and become her husband, Dolphy was already a successful comedian and a big-time celebrity.

“When we started, everybody was against it. It was doomed from the onset. And then we survived 23 years,”

she answers with a smile.

“You know how we did it? We would always talk and say, we’ve survived worse than this. This is nothing. Umpisa pa lang ang hirap na, and if you start a relationship that way, with the right mindset, you can weather any storm.”

Gretchen Barretto

She is a Filipina actress who rose to fame in the 90s when she starred in the films “Tukso, Layuan Mo Ko” (1995). She is also the eldest among the Barretto sisters. Gretchen was just 23 when she got linked with the business tycoon Antonio Tonyboy Cojuangco and they have been a partner for a long time.

Tonyboy was 20 years older than her, he is the former chairman of the largest telecommunication provider in the country, PLDT and second cousin to former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III who also came from an elite family.