6 Famous Pinay Celebrities with Super Rich Partners

Being popular and attractive is one of the main perks of these female ladies. It is undoubtingly easy for them to have rich suitors, to begin with.

Here are some lists of celebrities with their wealthy partners:

1. Nina Jose

She is a former PBB contestant and former TV comedian artist that stars in “Banana Split.” She married a billionaire and a current CEO of the Stradcom Corporation which he owns.

He is also an active politician in their region.

2. Zsazsa Padilla

Her late husband is the comedy king, Dolphy Quizon. Dolphy had a big name in the industry as a comedian when he was just 17. Because of long-time career and the movie and TV projects that he had made, he earned a lot of money to finance his children and his wife, Zsazsa Padilla.

After the late Comedy King had died, Zsazsa found love once again with another man. Architect Conrad Onglao, one of the leading architects in the country who designs elite class of houses, became the lover of Zsazsa Padilla.

He worked with a lot of clients such as the Ayala family, Marcos family, and Magsaysay-Ho family. Although they called off their engagement, the two of them reconciled with each other and still got together eventually.

3. Gretchen Barretto

Her current partner was Tony Boy Cojuangco for almost a long period of time. The Cojuangco family is a powerful business name which is a prominent clan in Tarlac in the industry of the Philippines. They own billions of net worth each year.

Antonio Cojuangco Jr. is the former Chairman of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), one of the largest telecom provider in the Philippines. He is the 5th generation of the bloodline of Cojuangco which is also a distinguished political family in the Philippines.

He is the 5th generation of the Cojuangco clan, a distinguished political family in the Philippines. He is also the cousin of former President Benigno Aquino III and the nephew of Late President Corazon Aquino.

Tony Boy is still with his long-time partner, Gretchen Barreto for almost 19 years. He began dating Gretchen when she was 23 years old and he was 42 at that time.

4. Kaye Abad

Kaye got married to Paul Jake Castillo just recently. Paul Jake’s family owns a lot of businesses that are leading products in the market. They own Bioderm, Efficascent Oil, Casino Alchohol, YOBOB Lechon De Cebu and other more. He was already rich before even entering the Pinoy Big Brother Reality TV Show which made him famous.

Paul’s family also manage International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. which based in the Cebu City main office that has already 14 branches across the nation.

Aside from that, Paul’s family also owns the International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. based on the video. IPI’s main office is in Cebu City but it already has 14 branches across the nation.

5. Pauleen Luna

The primed actress is now married to the most influential TV personality in the Kapuso Network station. Bossing Vic Sotto has a net worth of $10 million and one of the biggest ad endorsers and actors.

He is also a singer/songwriter in the band called VST & Co. His wife, Pauleen, recently gave birth to a very beautiful girl named Talitha.

6. Marian Rivera

She is married to Dingdong Dantes and has a beautiful baby girl named Maria Letizia. Dingdong is one of the sexiest leading men in the Philippines and also works as a film producer and started his commercial model even when he was a child. He also came from a rich family.

He is currently working as a prime actor of GMA Network. He is also the chairman of the YesPinoy Foundation and is in charge of his own film studio called AgostoDos Pictures.

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